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Pickup And Seduction - What's The Difference?

Have you been trapped under something extremely heavy for the past six or eight years? If not, good. Then you've already figured out that the vast majority world's resources for men who want to get better with women focus on PICKUP and/or SEDUCTION.

There's "The Seduction Community", of course. But lately I've also seen "Pickup Community" coined in several places. What gives? It's looks an awful lot like the terms are treated as virtually synonymous. Is that the case? And must EVERYTHING that equals "dating advice" for men necessarily be classified as one or the other?

I say, "Not a chance", and, um..."Not a chance".


3 Communication Pitfalls to Avoid

What are the secrets of effective communication? How do we truly get what we want while also giving our partners what they need? Let's look at the top three communication problems that most couples have -- and see how they can be solved right here.

Pitfall 1: Communicating to Manipulate

Sometimes we communicate solely for the purpose of getting what we want, when we want it, whether the other person is able to give it or not. We sulk, pout, threaten, cajole or do whatever we can to make the other person feel bad. This kind of communication, however temporarily effective it may be, has a terrible effect on the long-term health of any relationship. Give it up. Respect what the other person has to offer. If they cannot give what you want to you, see if you can give it to yourself.


Ending a Friendship

Ending a friendship can be as painful as ending a romantic love affair. People have different opinions and thoughts which can anguish a person more, ending a friendship or ending a love affair. The satisfaction and the happiness you get from friends are not comparable to the gratification and joy you can have from a romantic relationship. I think these two should never be on the same level with each other. In ending a friendship and love affair, though the degree of grief may be different and the hurt and disappointment may be incomparable but altogether it is a very unpleasant and uncomfortable experience.

Though the form of betrayal in romantic relationship is excruciatingly painful, in a friend companionship the betrayal can be quite unexplainable because it can come unexpectedly. Somehow, in some cases you expect a love affair to end because it has a lot of expectations and conditions but in friend companionship somehow you expect it to last longer because it has less expectations and it's unconditional. It is when the only requirement is to be yourself and to be true to it. That's why when a true camaraderie ends, the pain can be unfathomable that your only way of dealing with it is to be totally become indifferent to your ex-friend.

Whether you like it or not, ending a friendship can be the only option you have, especially if the reason is betrayal of trust. Nothing can be more painful and excruciating for a person that is being betrayed by a fellow friend. When he or she goes out and tell people your most personal and private details then turning your back may be the wisest thing that you should do. Another reason that ending a friendship is the best thing that you should do is when he or she doesn't know how to honor his or her words. If he or she constantly breaks his or her promise to you then what's the point of being friends right? If your friend brings out the worst in you then it is be best that ending a friendship is the best decision you can do for yourself.