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The Things You Can Do For Your Partner Everyday To Add Excitement To Your Love Life!

Sometimes it can be hard to keep a relationship going. You have to constantly put in time and effort into a relationship and the most serious you are about the person, the more work you have to do. So how can you keep your partner excited and still interested in the relationship?

The first thing that you can do is talk to her about having one day of the week where you do what she wants to do. This means you can rub her back, give her attention that she needs, as well as, do the things that she wants to do.

You can also act as a support system too. You can do things like rub her shoulders or give her a full body message when she is feeling tense. You can also go out of your way for her when she is feeling down. You can always give her a gift of lingerie or give her a book filled with tips of passion.


Stress Reduction Tips

Our doctors and therapists warn that stress is the cause of many illnesses and reduces the quality of sleep, relationships and well being. Yet, how can you reduce stress without shirking your duties and responsibilities? Everyone dreams of running away to a French chateau as they are driving the carpool in heavy traffic. However, usually we do not need to change our lives drastically to make substantial improvements to our health and happiness. Here are six steps for type A personalities and overworked moms to use to reduce stress in their minds and their lives.

1. Remember when you were eight years old?

What did you think you would be doing when you grew up? Were you a fireman? Visit a firehouse and ask if they need a hand. Were you a ballerina? Enroll in an adult ballet class and for one hour a week be a beginning prima donna.


Dating Partners to Avoid If You Are Looking For a Satisfying Relationship

There are many reasons why people wish to marry. Mutually understood and accepted by both partners, none of these reasons is necessarily bad. If your primary goal in marriage, however, is mutual nurturing and growth in personal intimacy, plus a lifetime of satisfaction, here are some general guidelines on the types of individuals to avoid.

  • Those who do not share your moral convictions and commitment to your Christian faith.

  • Those interested in something you have to give rather than yourself. This might be money, a home, service such as being a father or mother to children, housekeeping, making a living, etc.

  • Those still attached by fighting or other emotional involvements to a former spouse or lover and those severely hurt by a past relationship and not yet healed.

  • Those still attached to "Mama" or "Daddy" who can't break free from their parent's unhealthy emotional control.

  • Those whom you basically don't like. Sexual "chemistry" may temporarily mask the fact that you really don't like a person. Ask yourself, "Would I want to spend time with this person if there were no sexual attraction between us?"

  • Those who lie to you about anything. You can never trust anyone who will lie or hide the truth from you, regardless of the motive.

  • Those with whom you can't seem to communicate, who often seem to be talking about something entirely different from what you are talking about. Admit it. Sometimes individuals just cannot get on the same wavelength for sharing.

  • Those who refuse to communicate and talk out problems in the relationship.

  • Those you feel you could not commit to for a lifetime.

  • Those with severe problems that you are not equipped to help them deal with - any addiction or compulsive behavior, any psychological problem that affects that person's life and relationships.

  • Those you think you could "change" into the kind of person you want and need.

  • Those who are extremely needy emotionally or dependent, a person who indicates by word or action, "I can't live without you." These people are usually takers and not givers. Plus their obsessions with particular people tend to disappear with familiarity and be replaced by other obsessions.

Set yourself and your partner up for the best opportunity to establish a nurturing relationship and a happy life. Make wise choices concerning the people you date and avoiding traps that could lead to misery and an unhappy outcome.