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The Untold Secrets of Wealth Creation Explained

There are physical and metaphysical means by which your wealth is obtained. To attract money, you have to become a money magnet. You do so through the process of magnetization. The physical means of obtaining wealth is through setting up businesses and systems that bring in money. The metaphysical process of magnetization is what brings in more sales and revenue when all other factors are left unchanged. It is the very thing that makes the difference in results among people with similar actions.

Two people that take the same physical actions to create wealth may obtain significantly different results because of what each is doing metaphysically. The universe is mental and therefore you can affect reality greatly through the use of the imagination. The rich are able to get more results with lesser effort and in an easier way because they do more of their work mentally than physically. Wealth consciousness is what imbues all your action with prosperous effect. There are different ways of mental work.

Your outer world is always directly influence by your inner world. Some people seem to hover up and down without being able to soar upwards in their wealth creation because they allow themselves to feel sometimes rich and sometimes poor according to results. If you want to soar freely upwards, you have to stop your feelings going up and down. The way to do this is through transcendence. You only use the external to reinforce your feelings of wealth, but you feel perpetual wealth with the inner world.


Happy Spouse Happy House - The Perfect Partner

They say ninety percent of our happiness and misery depends upon the partner we choose in life. Finding the perfect partner is the most critical choice you have to make. It can either make or break you. It can either literally and figuratively save your life or end it. Your name and your legacy depends on it. Your legacy can include your children and your children's children and if you chose the wrong person to raise them is like raising an army to shoot you in the heart with a bow and arrow. The cliché- the hand that rocks the cradle is the hand that rules the world applies to this scenario.

That's how essential finding the perfect partner is. All the things that you have been working for- financial, emotional and mental will be scattered off to pieces with the wrong significant other. In finding the perfect partner you have to forget what your kindergarten teacher taught you about the song "qeu sera sera, what will be will be" because in choosing the right spouse you have to be in control, you have to be conscious about it. In choosing the right spouse you have to fully and wholly know yourself. There must be a high level of self awareness and you have to know what you want in your life and your future.

You should be the master of your being. You should discern your strength and weaknesses. That's why mother's cry when their teenage sons or daughters decided to get married at a very young age because to reach a high level of self awareness, a person must go through certain amount of experience. I don't mean that wisdom comes with age but there are phases and stages in life that a person can become very impulsive and emotional. In having the right partner you have to not just rely on your heart but your mind as well. Here are some few guidelines or checklist in having the perfect partner.


How To Make Love To The Woman You Love

When it comes to love, there are different things that women and men need. A woman needs to be validated, while men just need to feel wanted and desired. But, what have you done lately to show your wife or girlfriend that you love her? Do you take her anywhere? Do you surprise her with flowers or chocolates?

Maybe even if you just take the time to notice things you'll be able to validate her. Tell her that you love her and every now and then talk to her about how you feel. Women need to know the emotional part of the relationship to be aroused. When it comes to sex, women tend to add emotion to it. For a woman to become aroused she needs to know that it's part of a connection. She needs to feel your passion for her.

One of the things that you need to keep in mind is surprise. Come home with a special gift and surprise with passion. You have to be exactly what all those romance novels are. You have to sweep her off her feet and kiss her passionately. What women really want is to have a fairy tale love. You should come home and give her a passionate kiss and tell her that you love her. It's all about setting the mood.