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3 Killer Ways To Woo And Win Over The Heart of The Woman That You Like

Early in a relationship the romance factor is very high. The romance is seemingly effortless and it seems as though the romance will never fade. You may find, however, that over time the romance does fade and the relationship doesn't seem as exciting as it did in the beginning. This is natural as a couple becomes more familiar with each other they begin to make less of an effort in the romance department. When this happens it is time for the couple to start making a conscious effort to recharge their romance.

1) What Does She Want?

Most women are very sensitive to what others are thinking and saying about themselves. This usually results from the fact that for a long time women have been seen as the weaker or softer group when compared to their male counterparts. In other words, it is one of women's weaknesses too, and if you understand this, you would be able to make use of this to formulate your strategy in winning over the heart of the woman you love.


Finding Love

Some people spend a small fortune looking for love; others find it right in their own neighbourhood. Why are some people searching their whole lives for the same thing that other people find right next-door?

I think that it all comes down to what your expectations are, some people set impossibly high standards for the one they are looking for, and therefore they will never find them. Others are more realistic and are prepared to accept people for who they are.

Usually those who have set very high standards that they expect for the recipient of their affections have a false sense of their own worth. They think that they are smarter, more handsome or wittier than they really are. They don't see themselves as other people see them.


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