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How to Ask For a First Date - Male and Female Seniors

Asking for a first date is a process that begins way before the first words are even uttered. The mechanics of the process are universal and applicable across all generations with a few exceptions. This article will concentrate on the exceptions that affect the senior boomers generation.

Offer Compliments

Offering complements is a great way to set the ball rolling. You can offer complements about one's cooking, gardening skills among other things.


Pleasure a Woman

If your gal is at ease with you in the sac, chances are, she hasn't divulged all of her deepest darkest doing-it desire. That's why we decided to clue you in on how to pleasure a woman. Some nights, she'd like to relinquish control. Women today lead stressful lives with lots of responsibility and in turn welcome the opportunity to surrender sexual power once in a while. Honestly, women often dig it when their man shows them whose boss in the bedroom. When her man is in the driver's seat, she's better able to simply lie back and allow herself to indulge in every sensation.

Reason enough for you to take charge sometimes. Just before you pleasure a woman you must call the shots. On the flip side, as much as she might like to surrender, she may also revel in taking the wheel on occasion. The trouble is women may enjoy taking the dominating stance; leading the action can be intimidating to her. To help ease your gal into a role of carnal commander-in-chief, give her clearance to rule the dance by being generous enough to do anything she ask for. Once in a while, have a quickie to pleasure a woman. Nine times out of ten, your gal is going to require a warm-up prior to you diving into the main event.

But even now and then, how to pleasure a woman and her lusty longings one must provide down-and-dirty instant gratification which is what she craves. On occasion, women want to experience a rush of satisfaction without going through the love making process. Having spontaneous sex the moment desire strikes can be very exhilarating. Not only that, but urgent, must-have-you-now sexual intercourse will make your gal feel even more like the irresistible sex goddess she is. You must go wild to pleasure a woman. The problems is that many women fear that if they do something "naughty" like getting vocal, revealing erotic fantasy, or introducing a toy, their man may be intimidated or think that they're slutty.


Happy Spouse Happy House - The Perfect Partner

They say ninety percent of our happiness and misery depends upon the partner we choose in life. Finding the perfect partner is the most critical choice you have to make. It can either make or break you. It can either literally and figuratively save your life or end it. Your name and your legacy depends on it. Your legacy can include your children and your children's children and if you chose the wrong person to raise them is like raising an army to shoot you in the heart with a bow and arrow. The cliché- the hand that rocks the cradle is the hand that rules the world applies to this scenario.

That's how essential finding the perfect partner is. All the things that you have been working for- financial, emotional and mental will be scattered off to pieces with the wrong significant other. In finding the perfect partner you have to forget what your kindergarten teacher taught you about the song "qeu sera sera, what will be will be" because in choosing the right spouse you have to be in control, you have to be conscious about it. In choosing the right spouse you have to fully and wholly know yourself. There must be a high level of self awareness and you have to know what you want in your life and your future.

You should be the master of your being. You should discern your strength and weaknesses. That's why mother's cry when their teenage sons or daughters decided to get married at a very young age because to reach a high level of self awareness, a person must go through certain amount of experience. I don't mean that wisdom comes with age but there are phases and stages in life that a person can become very impulsive and emotional. In having the right partner you have to not just rely on your heart but your mind as well. Here are some few guidelines or checklist in having the perfect partner.