8 Rules Of Fat Loss

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Get Fit to Do It

I'm sure the idea of going out mid-coitus sounds like a great way to die- most men think so. However, having a massive coronary atop some poor woman because your bloated carcass can't handle the activity is not such a good way to be remembered.

It's no big secret that obesity is an issue. Practically every media source you pick up addresses the issue, and weight-loss is a multi-billion dollar industry. However, we aren't as inundated with information about how fitness affects us sexually - positive or negative.

Sex is a labor intensive activity. Your heart rate and breathing increase rapidly and dramatically. Muscles clench and remain tense over a period of time. Your core body temperature rises significantly even if it's not a marathon session. Eating right and getting enough exercise will help you maintain during sex. It also helps you to relieve stress and stimulate the production of endorphins - the feel-good hormone in your brain - which increases your sex drive and can potentially make your orgasms stronger. You don't have to be a super athlete by any means, but basic physical health will improve your sexual functioning.


The Victims of Fame

We all have the capacity to fall for the allures of fame and fortune. Elevated from the innocent hopes of the "American Dream" stands the illusion of immortality which accompanies the lofty aspirations for money, power and fame. Unfortunately, fame can play a devastating role in relationships. At first, the American sucker feels the beginning euphoric effects stemming from a little bit of notoriety or large cash profits. It acts like a drug seeping deep into the veins and covering the heart and brain. After that, he only wants more. Once he, or she for that matter, has tasted the splendors of fame, he will stop at nothing to get more and to be on top. Nothing will get in his way and he is willing to sacrifice anything or anyone. The desire for recognition is so powerful that it can drive some people into depression, drugs and even insane asylums. This kind of behavior is perfectly exhibited in Hollywood as well as in mainstream corporate America and the political forum.

There are always numerous victims on any one person's jaunt to fame. The two most important are the ones they love and themselves. They, themselves, become victim to their own lust because they happen to forget who they really are and what they really want in life. They are blinded by the riches they can have immediately and their priorities change. Infamy has shown its toll on many superstars such as Madonna. Years after she published the dirtiest coffee table book in America she was found distancing herself from the book and desiring children. So fervent was her desire to have children and a normal relationship, values which have escaped her in the past, that she actually did end up with children and managed to write a children's book. Even with her passion for infamy there was still a side of her that sought after that conventional life with good old-fashioned values. Her return to normalcy was short-lived after her romantic kiss with Britney Spears shocked the world. Again, Madonna was clamoring for the attention from the spotlight.

The people they love are the next victims on the list. When people have money, power and fame they can buy just about anything. They can buy people, women and sex. We have seen many instances when the suddenly famous man leaves his wife of twenty years to have an elite affair with a six foot tall blond from Sweden. That story has been told since the birth of Hollywood. The fact that the powerful always seem to fall into the arms of steamy extramarital affairs is because power makes the impressionable person feel as if he can do whatever he wants. Moreover, his old values of family and home have become superceded by the overwhelming desire to achieve. Because power and success is always measured by comparison to another, it is never fully achieved and therefore a vicious cycle is created.


How To Create Attraction In Women

If you don't create attraction right off the start you will end up in the "nice guy", "just friends category" and you will not be very likely to get out of it. Without attraction you are dead in the water.

There is a huge amount of advice on the net on how to create attraction. Some of it is excellent and some of it is absolute B.S. We are going to discuss the one ingredient that will either ensure she's attracted to you or that will ensure she rejects you.

Any woman will tell you that she knows within 10 seconds if you are someone she might consider going to bed with. OK, she may not actually tell you that, but rest assured she will assess you that fast.